The Farrago Bag

The Farrago Bag

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A bag of 8 meters of assorted laces and embroidered tulle, in at least six styles. They will come in 1 or 2 meters in various widths. 

The width can be anywhere between 15cm -24cm (6" - 9.5").
Great way to stock up on some laces & tulle at a discounted rate. 
Note: The photo is just for reference, the trims will be picked from current stretch lace, non-stretch lace, and embroidered tulle selections.  

How to take your measurements

  1. Over Bust:measured above the breasts.
  2. Full Bust: the fullest part of the breasts, usually across the nipples.
  3. Breast Spacing: the distance between the breasts.
  4. Under Bust: measured under the breasts.

Determine your bra and underwire size

① Band Size: For example, if your under bust measurement is 29” (or 73.5cm), then your band size is 32 (or 75). If your measurement falls between two ranges, please choose the larger band size.

② Cup Size= Full bust measurement - Band Size. eg. if your full bust is 35'' (89cm), then 35" (or 89cm) -32" (or 75cm) = 3'' (or 14cm), therefore, this is a C cup. If you measurement falls between two ranges, please choose the smaller cup size.

③ Underwire Size is the intersection number of the Cup size and Band Size. eg. if you are 32C, the underwire size is 36.

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