Lingerie Glossary

Bra Anatomy:


Band Elastic – This elastic features one plain edge and one picot edge. This is a softer elastic, used for the tops and bottoms of bra bands, as well as the waistband and legs of panties.

Strap Elastic - The most common use is for bra straps, but you can also use them for underwear and garter belts.

Fold Over Elastic - They are flat trims, with a crease along the centre line. These are usually plain trims, providing a solid colour edge along the neckline of a bra cup. However, you can also sew it to the top and bottom bands of a bralette or as waist or leg finishes on panties.

Hooks and Eyes - They are used to fasten the back of a bra.

Underwires - They are the semi-circular boundaries around the cup of a bra.

Underwire channeling - A tubular casing sewn to the bra, to hold the wire next to the body.

Power net - This material is used for bra band, and also sometimes used as lining for bralette in large cups.

Stretch mesh - It is a lightweight mesh fabric, which is perfect lining for small cups.

Sheer Bra Cup Lining - It is lightweight, almost invisible under fabrics, yet strong and offers great support. This fabric used for lining bra cups under delicate fabrics or laces.

Sliders and Rings - Use to make adjustable bra straps.