Boning - Rigilene

Boning - Rigilene

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For customers looking for a boning that can be sewn through. Rigilene Boning Sew Through Boning is the answer. This boning is used for a wide variety of garments and applications. The Boning is used for areas that require light support and structure. The advantage of using Rigilene Boning is that you can sew right through it, eliminating the need for a boning casing. Simply sew it right onto your garment. Customers use this boning for garments such as strapless dresses, the lower cups of bras, and bustiers.

Bra-makers Tip – You can cut Rigilene easily with scissors and finish the ends with heat from a match or lighter. This melts the rigid interior strands and keeps them from poking out. Alternately, you can cover the cut end with a piece of fabric stitched over the end.

The Boning is ¼” (6mm) in width.

Listing is for 1 meter of boning, if you are requiring 2 meter, select 2 as the quantity. Amounts of greater than half meter will be cut as a continuous length. 

How to take your measurements

  1. Over Bust:measured above the breasts.
  2. Full Bust: the fullest part of the breasts, usually across the nipples.
  3. Breast Spacing: the distance between the breasts.
  4. Under Bust: measured under the breasts.

Determine your bra and underwire size

① Band Size: For example, if your under bust measurement is 29” (or 73.5cm), then your band size is 32 (or 75). If your measurement falls between two ranges, please choose the larger band size.

② Cup Size= Full bust measurement - Band Size. eg. if your full bust is 35'' (89cm), then 35" (or 89cm) -32" (or 75cm) = 3'' (or 14cm), therefore, this is a C cup. If you measurement falls between two ranges, please choose the smaller cup size.

③ Underwire Size is the intersection number of the Cup size and Band Size. eg. if you are 32C, the underwire size is 36.

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