Snow White Italian Finding Kit - Dyeable

Snow White Italian Finding Kit - Dyeable

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Materials Included (from left to right):
  • Hook and Eye Closure for the back (2X3)
  • Strap Elastic (15mm & 12mm) ~1m each
  • Bottom Band Elastic (12mm) ~1m
  • Top Band Elastic (10mm) ~1m
  • Underwire Channeling (10mm) ~1m
  • Sliders and Rings for adjustable straps (12mm or 15mm)
  • Clear elastic ~1m

You could dye your own with our Snow White Italian Finding Kits, which are always available for purchase. To help you on the color mixing journey. We have created a Custom Acid Dye Formula Sheet for you.

It is an easy tracking worksheet for your own custom acid dye formulas, where you can keep your swatch elastics & fabrics and note down all the errors or successes of your dying progress.

How to use it?

Simply search the CMYK code of the color you wish to create in Google, and just following the sheet. If you are still very confused. Check out my IG @gravitybygrandy, under the guide, you will find my Friday Acid Dye Tutorials and it will show you the detailed instructions.

But if you don't want to dye yourself, please go check out our Make to Order Bra Finding Kit & Pop of Color Bra Finding Kit.


How to take your measurements

  1. Over Bust:measured above the breasts.
  2. Full Bust: the fullest part of the breasts, usually across the nipples.
  3. Breast Spacing: the distance between the breasts.
  4. Under Bust: measured under the breasts.

Determine your bra and underwire size

① Band Size: For example, if your under bust measurement is 29” (or 73.5cm), then your band size is 32 (or 75). If your measurement falls between two ranges, please choose the larger band size.

② Cup Size= Full bust measurement - Band Size. eg. if your full bust is 35'' (89cm), then 35" (or 89cm) -32" (or 75cm) = 3'' (or 14cm), therefore, this is a C cup. If you measurement falls between two ranges, please choose the smaller cup size.

③ Underwire Size is the intersection number of the Cup size and Band Size. eg. if you are 32C, the underwire size is 36.

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