Period Panty Absorbance kits
Period Panty Absorbance kits
Period Panty Absorbance kits
Period Panty Absorbance kits

Period Panty Absorbance kits

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This kit contains three pieces of different special fabrics for the gusset of 2 pairs of reusable period panties. 

Material included are:

  • PUL ~ Black ~ 25cm x 40cm
  • Absorbent fabric ~ 25cm x 38cm
  • Moisture Wicking fabric ~ Black ~ 24cm x 40cm
  • Picot Edged FOE 20mm ~ Black ~ 4m


Fabric Informations:

  • PUL: an acronym for "PolyUrethane Lamination". These products have tested to meet CPSIA regulations, including BPA testing. The soft fabric is the right side, facing out to the fashion fabric. The shiny laminated side is the wrong, and goes against the absorbent fabric.
  • Zorb® original antimicrobal silver fabric with SILVADUR. It is a non-woven interlining material which is used between two fabrics as a super absorbent layer.  It infused with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth, control bad odors and create long lasting freshness without toxic chemicals. 100% Free of PFAS & PFOA. (No prewash, Wash hot, Stitch or serge between 2 fabrics before washing, Dry medium, No Fabric softener, No Chlorine, Oxy Bleach Ok if needed.)
  • Suedecloth is used as the layer closest to the skin, it is a polyester fabric so does not absorb any moisture, but instead wicks it through into the absorbent part of the gusset, and away from your skin. Because it does not absorb moisture, it feels dry, keeping skin dry. The soft fluffy side is the right side, against your skin. The smooth shiny side is the wrong, hidden side.

How to take your measurements

  1. Over Bust:measured above the breasts.
  2. Full Bust: the fullest part of the breasts, usually across the nipples.
  3. Breast Spacing: the distance between the breasts.
  4. Under Bust: measured under the breasts.

Determine your bra and underwire size

① Band Size: For example, if your under bust measurement is 29” (or 73.5cm), then your band size is 32 (or 75). If your measurement falls between two ranges, please choose the larger band size.

② Cup Size= Full bust measurement - Band Size. eg. if your full bust is 35'' (89cm), then 35" (or 89cm) -32" (or 75cm) = 3'' (or 14cm), therefore, this is a C cup. If you measurement falls between two ranges, please choose the smaller cup size.

③ Underwire Size is the intersection number of the Cup size and Band Size. eg. if you are 32C, the underwire size is 36.

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